Are You Too Sexy for Your Industry?

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Posted: May 29, 2017

During this past week I’ve interacted with several CEOs, Presidents and Senior Managers, discussing their greatest challenges in today’s marketplace. Despite the varying sectors that each individual was in, from food processing to automotive to electrical components, the consensus is that sales and future growth opportunities are strong. Many mentioned that this was a much needed relief to erratic sales and slow growth during the past several years.

What’s interesting however is that as a result of market conditions being strong, each of the executives is now struggling with another challenge… finding talent. One President put things into perspective when he shared that he is now marketing not to appeal to his customers, but to appeal to potential employees.

Are you facing an existing or pending shortage in talent for your organization?

I wanted to share with you this week something from “the vault” so to speak. It’s a video I produced about a year ago now (you’ll notice differences in the intro slide and background music – but it’s still yours truly!) entitled “What if talent came to you?”

The strategies contained in the video are just as relevant today as they were a year ago.

Take a few minutes to watch this brief video, and then consider the following questions as they pertain to your organization or department:

1. What is the environment that your current employees are working in?

2. Are you focusing as much effort on selecting employees that fit your cultural norms as you are on work experience?

3. How to get employees to share benefits of your organization to people they know who might be good future employees?

[Tweet “The key to attraction is first creating an environment that is appealing.”]

Interestingly this is also the key to employee retention. What strategies are you using to make sure you are an employer of choice who attracts talent? Send me an email.

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