The Art of Persuasion: Master 3+ Techniques to Boost Your Sales

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Posted: August 5, 2023

Do you want to know the best ways to make use of the art of persuasion to help your buyer buy from you?

When it comes to selling, there are three techniques you need to use if you want to persuade your buyer and close the sale.

Perhaps you’re having a difficult time:

There are several techniques (or persuasion strategies) you need to apply in order to be persuasive. Persuasion is a key aspect of selling.

3 Ways the Art of Persuasion Helps Boost Sales

Let’s be honest, if you can’t persuade others, it’s going to be pretty difficult to become successful in sales.

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So let’s start with the first thing you need to do.

Persuasion Technique #1:
Develop a Compelling Story That Draws on Buyers’ Emotions

Art of Persuasion Technique - Have a Compelling Story(0:54):
Step one, you need to have a compelling story.

Now, here’s what I mean by a compelling story:

Somebody told me once that if you bring information and if you bring something that is highly logical, it’ll prompt your buyer to consider things from a logical standpoint.

But from a sales standpoint, what makes people buy is

  • emotion,
  • excitement,
  • interest,
  • enthusiasm,
  • and because you’re going to solve their problem.

So you need to make sure that what you are bringing to them is a compelling story. It’s a reason for why they should buy.

So it’s not just what you offer and how you offer it, but why it’s important today? And most importantly, why should they buy from you today?

You do that through using emotion.

Persuasion Technique #2:
Make the Compelling Story Relevant to Your Buyer

Art of Persuasion Technique - Make Story Relatable(1:42):
Secondly, make the story relevant to your buyer. Make sure that they’re in your story.

You know, oftentimes I see sales professionals walking through case studies of companies that are not similar to the one of the buyer that’s in front of them.

How are you going to help a buyer realize your solution if you’re not placing them in the story that you’ve created?

So make sure that what you’re bringing to your buyer, your reasons for them buying, and the why behind why they should be doing this and why they should deal with you is relevant to them.

Make sure your story is relevant to their

  • sector,
  • industry,
  • personal needs,
  • position,
  • title,
  • goals, and
  • objectives.

Persuasion Technique #3:
Use Social Proof

Social Proof is a persuasive sales technique(2:24):
The third thing you need to use is social proof.

Think about it: The last time you purchased something, anything at all, you probably looked around for people that you know that are using that same product or service. Why? Well, we want to see if others are having success with that product or service before we make the investment ourselves.

So as somebody in sales, if you’re trying to persuade others, you need to use social proof.

That can be

There’s all sorts of ways to share social proof, but the key is you need to use it because it helps persuade your buyer to buy.

Art of Persuasion Bonus Tip:
Use Enthusiasm to Persuade Buyers

Persuasion Technique: Enthusiasm(3:07):
Bonus tip! There’s one other thing you need to use if you want to persuade your buyer, and that is enthusiasm.

Let’s be honest, if I get into a video and I say, “You need to persuade others by using a compelling story”, or “Make sure it’s relevant and use social proof” without any enthusiasm in my voice, you’re not buying it.

Part of the way we influence others is by having emotion ourselves and emotion is displayed in enthusiasm.

Get excited for heaven’s sakes, about what you’re selling, are you hearing me?

Use enthusiasm and be excited about what you’re selling. If you’re excited, your buyer’s going to get excited!

Think about it this way. Can you imagine going to buy a new car and the person comes out and says, “Yeah, I dunno if you want to take it. I guess it’s your choice…” Not that exciting!

Enthusiasm and energy help to persuade your buyer.

So there you have it. Three strategies plus a bonus tip to help you persuade your buyers.

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Until next time, let’s get out there and go sell something!

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