Engagement Starts With Your Message

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Posted: July 1, 2013

Getting work done through others… Whether you own a business, run a business, or lead a team of people, if you can’t motivate others to engage in your objectives or goals, success (or at least your pursuit of it) will be an uphill struggle.

Through my experience speaking in front of diverse groups of people, both for associations and businesses alike, I have been able to identify several key attributes that contribute to engagement. I have found that these secrets apply despite age, title, experience and workplace culture. Best of all these attributes of engagement are not complex; they don’t require a significant investment of resources or time.

For today I am just going to focus on the top three attributes that are the easiest to apply.

Engaging in appropriate humor at the right time can break down barriers faster than any other means. Of course, the humor must be appropriate for the circumstances, but by using self-deprecating humor for example, we can help others to relax and be more receptive to our message.

You can’t talk others into being engaged. Politicians have tried for years, but their success for long-term sustained engagement of constituents is often less than stellar. Being clear and brief in our messages (and communications) can serve to increase engagement by forcing us to be pointed and focused in our message. One could contrast this activity to the discipline of using Twitter, where all communications must be less than 140 characters. If you are truly trying to engage others, brief messages ensure maximum value for your audience.

There is nothing worse, absolutely nothing, than inconsistent messages. Inconsistency creates confusion, reduces clarity, and ultimately reduces trust and rapport. The exact opposite to what we emerges in true engagement. Keep messages frequent and consistent and watch engagement grow.

So to build engagement make sure to create a clear and concise message, using appropriate humor to lighten the mood and consistency in delivery, then rinse and repeat. It really is that simple.

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