How Automation Can Help You Sell More (faster!)

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Posted: April 7, 2021

Wondering how automation can help you sell more?

I had an email from Eric Yuan last week.

If the name sounds remotely familiar, it should. He’s the CEO of Zoom.

No, I’m not taking on Zoom as a client (although their customer service leaves much to be desired for a company that suggests they are #1 in Customer Appreciation… so they should hire me).

I had downgraded my Zoom plan after realizing that what I was paying for was overkill.

About 24 hours later, I received an automated email from Eric S. Yuan, introducing himself as the CEO of Zoom.

Use Personalized Follow Up to Re-Engage Customers

On the one hand, I thought the email was great. It addressed something I’ve been suggesting my clients do for a few years now. When a customer cancels, downgrades, or unsubscribes from your product or service, they should hear directly from the CEO or President of the company.

It’s simply a more proactive approach to dealing with unhappy customers.

In a business I used to lead, every customer who canceled their monthly subscription received a personal phone call from me.

Did it take up time? Yes.

But did it help to re-engage and bring the customer back? About 12% of the time.

Most importantly, though, did it send a message that every customer matters?


That’s the point.

Too many of us get wrapped up in dealing with employees, rather than focusing on customers.

(read that again…⬆️)

We only get involved with customers directly if something has gone gravely wrong—typically when it’s too late.

Don’t have the time to get involved?

That’s where automation comes in.

How Automation Can Personalize Your Customer Connections

There are some pretty cool ways nowadays to literally be everywhere—even as the president, CEO, or VP at your company.

I’ve helped clients formulate customer journeys that trigger all sorts of automated responses using email, text message, personalized letters and even phone calls.

Here are some examples of some of the more popular automation I’ve helped clients introduce recently:

  • Triggering an automatic sequence of emails based on someone landing on a page of your website.
  • Sending an automatic personalized video message after someone leaves a voice mail.
  • Providing automatic text reminders prior to a scheduled call with a customer or client.
  • Scheduling personalized emails to be sent automatically to customers or clients at specific time intervals.

We design it once, then flip the switch.

Think of it like a virtual sales and customer service assistant. Always working diligently in the background while you go about your day’s business.

Back to Eric’s email.

Receiving his email was great—it got my attention.

Problem is, the email said, “We value the input of each one of our customers and would greatly appreciate any feedback you can provide…” But there was no obvious way for me to provide my feedback.

Oversight? I’d think so.

Automation is a great way to start selling virtually.

It’s also a tool that can drive more sales, but make sure it always reflects the needs of your customers. That’s where the real power kicks in!


Your Exercise >>>

  1. Where could you introduce automation into your sales or customer service processes?
  2. How would this automation help you create closer connections with prospects and customers?
  3. Where should you begin to do some testing? How will you measure results?


How can automation improve your sales processes? Where will you begin and how will you measure success?

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How automation can help you sell more

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