Why You Need an Organic Strategy

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Posted: January 14, 2015

Do you have an organic strategy (or even know what one is?).

The short answer – it’s a strategy that is living and breathing.

Not encased under glass or in a binder on a shelf somewhere.

You’d be surprised by how many corporate strategies I find sitting on book shelves.

Sometimes their pasted to a wall in the form of a poster.

It’s almost as if they exist to make the statement – “Yes, we have a strategy.”

If this sounds familiar, you have a problem.

A strategy is meant to be a living breathing document.

To do so it must be shared and treated organically.

Growing and evolving as the business, it’s customers and employees do.

Nothing is or should be stagnant.

An organic strategy is one that allows for continued growth.

Today, having a corporate strategy is not enough.

In this brief video I discuss the importance of ensuring your strategy is organic.

I’ll also share some ideas on how you can transition from a typical stagnant strategy, to one that’s organic.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

So my question for you then.

What changes will you incorporate to make your strategy more organic?

Want to learn how to get your team to buy-in to your strategy? Read this blog post.




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