There is No Secret to Success

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Posted: July 27, 2019

The secret to success?

During a recent meeting with a business owner, our conversations ventured into discussing marketing and sales. The owner confided in me that his business had grown mostly on referrals and luck. Marketing was his nemesis.

“What don’t you enjoy about marketing?”

The secret to success, regardless of your objectives, requires consistent, meaningful, and powerful action towards attainment.

“Reaching out to contact customers and prospective customers just feels uncomfortable to me, so when things are busy I don’t get involved with marketing. Why would I bother doing something I don’t feel comfortable doing?”

“Well, what are your business objectives?”

“I want to grow my business and double our revenue in the next three years,” was his response.


It struck me that there was a clear dissonance between his goals for his business, and his willingness to achieve those goals.

Regardless of your objectives, successfully achieving them requires that you take consistent, meaningful, and powerful action towards their attainment. There is no amount of thought, desire, or ambition that can overcome action. Period.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that blind action delivers meaningful results; quite the opposite. Shooting an arrow wildly into the air will not yield a bullseye. Similarly, taking meaningless actions towards your objectives will not achieve success. It is only through strategic, targeted, and consistent action that we can accomplish our objectives.

Consider for a moment your own objectives, be they personal or professional, and reflect upon these questions:

1. What are three powerful actions you need to take in order to achieve your objectives?
2. What limiting thoughts or beliefs have been stopping you from moving forward with these actions?
3. What is the impact resulting from your continued avoidance from taking these actions?

Action is the secret to success, plain and simple. Those who take action consistently, achieve results.

What can you do right now that will move you closer to achieving your objectives?

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The secret to success, regardless of your objectives, requires consistent, meaningful, and powerful action towards attainment.

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