Productivity Tips for Team Performance

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Posted: March 21, 2014

Looking to increase your productivity? What about the production levels of your team?

Well, here are a few tips I’ve pulled together after decades of coaching teams to higher levels of production.

1. Have a personal plan; not a personal goal. The future will be here faster than you expect. Make sure you’re prepared.

2. Pessimism is a waste of time. We waste time when we focus on pessimism. It drains our energy and our enthusiasm. Be optimistic to improve your perspective and ensure your time is focused on achieving your objectives.

3. Combat technological diversion. A smartphone is meant as a tool, not a burden. Just because you receive a text message or email doesn’t mean you need to answer it. Use technology to help you be more effective, rather than to divert your attention.

4. Don’t be too social on social media. If you are posting every exciting or special moment on Facebook, quite possibly you are wasting time. Actually let me be more clear, you are wasting time. Schedule time to review/respond to social media, rather than making it a tether to the biography of your life.

5. Stop analyzing and take action. This post (and other possibly less interesting online resources) contain a plethora of proven and valuable ideas, but they lack value if you read them but never follow through with execution. What are you going to do differently starting now?

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