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Posted: October 31, 2016

Next year marks the tenth anniversary for my business, an incredible journey in which I’ve met some amazing people. If there is one thing that I’ve learned during the past ten years, it is that change is a constant IF you are seeking to continue to offer value and remain relevant.

You’ve likely heard me suggest this very idea in several of my weekly emails. Stop being consumed by what is happening today and instead force yourself (as difficult as it may be) to think about and act on your desired future.

My intention is always to practice what I preach, so you may have noticed changes lately.

A new podcast entitled Growth Inspired in which I interview CEOs, Executives, and those who are experts in helping organizations grow to understand what different approaches, tools, and ideas are necessary to grow a business in any economy and across all sectors.  In addition, as a result of some feedback from subscribers, I’m no longer adding a link at the end of this email, forcing you to go anywhere to reach the rest of this article.

Funny thing is, these weren’t ideas that I came up with. They came from you, and they came about by my asking a simple question, “What can I do to provide you with more value?”

Simple question, isn’t it?  I mean, when was the last time that anyone asked you how he or she could make your experience better? Aside from the flight attendant in first class, it is unfortunately a rare question.

 So here is my challenge to you. What are you and your team doing to continue to add value to your customers or clients and remain relevant into the future?

Stumped? Start with these questions.

  1. Ask your customers (both existing and potential, internal or external) what you might do to add value to their experience of working with you and your team.
  1. Listen carefully during discussions with prospective or existing customers to understand what they need that they simply aren’t getting today. What can you do to satisfy this need?
  1. Consider what areas of your business are outdated. What is stale that is either no longer in demand or relevant? McDonalds for example has decided that there is no more value from speaking with someone behind a counter when taking your order (replaced by automated order kiosks), and instead those people are redeployed into the dining area to assist customers to ensure they have a pleasant dining experience.

As value evolves, so must your desire as a collective team or organization to add new value, remove outdated value, and improve where it enhances the customer’s experience.

Do this and you’ve got the formula to a sustainable and thriving business.

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