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Posted: November 7, 2014

If you are familiar with lean, then you are likely familiar with the concept of customer value. But what of the combination of these two powerful concepts? In my experience I’ve found that the most profitable and sustainable businesses are built upon the adoption of lean customer value, or L.C.V. for short.

This concept came to me during a strategy session with a Marketing firm where we were discussing their adoption and integration of lean. The CEO spoke up and said “If our customers value us selling diapers, then we will become the most efficient diaper marketing and sales firm in the region.” The room went eerily quite as the CEO went on to explain that the firm was in the business of providing value to customers, and whatever it is that customers valued is exactly what they would receive.

Identifying what your customers value in conjunction with seeking clarity in what your employees value, provides the very essence of a powerful business model that is both agile and sustainable.

Watch this brief video as I explain the concept of L.C.V., and provide some insights as to how you can incorporate this powerful approach to business success.

Question: How can you incorporate and capitalize on customer value? Do you understand what your employees value about the organization and how this will support delivering significant value to your customers?

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