What Donald Trump Can Teach Us About Business

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Posted: August 11, 2015

Let me begin by saying that many of the statements and antics we have been exposed to during the campaign of Donald Trump are in many instances outlandish and inconsiderate, to say the least. You might even wonder what possible lessons might come from his running for president, and those that I will suggest may not be so obvious.

So set aside any possible biases you may have for or against Donald for a moment.

First off, if you’ve followed Donald on Twitter for any period of time you will be aware that he has been mentioning joining the running for years. Regardless of his intent, he is following through on commitments he has made, and more importantly on a commitment that many of his supporters have suggested he take.

His bold and often offensive statements, a part of his personal brand, serve their purpose. Donald has never wanted to have someone “like” him. You either love him or hate him, there isn’t much or many who reside between. True to his brand he has approached his campaign and often colorful statements driving the same response.

Donald has also approached his candidacy with grandeur, as he does everything. “Make a big splash and get noticed” has been his approach to business, and it has in turn been his approach to his political campaign. He connects with those who have influence (often not in a positive manner) to tap into their networks – marketing at it’s best. His tweet to Katie Perry for example suggesting she must have been drunk to marry Russell Brand was clearly one such stunt. Donald taps into and broadens his network by getting the attention of others who influence different generations; although his approach is often harsh, it is effective. He gets attention.

Have you noticed any business lessons amidst Donald’s antics? Donald is approaching “building” his constituents in the same manner by which he has built his business – be bold, offensive, rude, courteous.. Whatever it takes to get attention (and negative press is the most popular form of press), do it.

Look beyond the negativity and consider how you can connect through the networks of others. Ensure your brand always remains consistent; and feed your followers – for those that are devoted brand evangelists, give them what they expect to see. In case you haven’t read this, I’ve also written about how to completely kill your brand.

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Differentiation and connecting with your market is covered in recent book.

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